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Baby Bathing

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Babymoov Bath Mat With Thermometer

$14 Ex Tax: $14

Babymoov Bath Mat With Thermometer-Non slip bath mat (tub and shower) to guard against falls and too hot water!  Retail Box Out of Box Failiure Warranty   Product Overview:  A non-slip bathmat to guard against falls as well as hot water! Suitable for the tub or shower. With a temperature display: if the water is too hot, the temperature display becomes lighter and the logo >37°C appears. Large dim..

Babymoov Boat Bathtub

$27 Ex Tax: $27

Babymoov Boat Bathtub (Purple) - 1 side for new-born babies, 1 side for children, Compatible with all baby bathers, Drain plug, Fits in every kind of family bathtub, Storage container to keep accessories and toys within easy reach Boat design: a stylish shape, that encourages imagination and play, Free sticker with a choice of 2 designs to customize the flag and portholes, Retail Box, Out of Box F..

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