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Evolis Badgy100 Card Printing solution

$1,050 Ex Tax: $1,050

Evolis Badgy100 Card Printing solution, including: 1 Badgy100 card printer, 1 color ribbon for 50 prints, 50 thick PVC cards (0,76mm - 30mil), 1 Evolis Badge Studio software licence, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty   Product Overview: The Badgy100 printer is ideally suited to your single printing needs and is perfect for limited budgets. What is more, its printing speed means that you can cre..

Evolis Badgy200 Card printing solution

$1,292 Ex Tax: $1,292

Evolis Badgy200 Card printing solution, including: 1 Badgy200, 1 color ribbon for 100 prints, 100 thick PVC cards (0,76mm - 30mil) 1 Badge Studio software license, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty Product OverviewEvolis Badgy200 is an inexpensive ID card printer, ideal for people who need to print a few hundred plastic cards per year. Evolis Badgy is a great all-in-one solution because it com..

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